Generac Kinetic Electric Log Splitter Review

Are you looking for the best log splitter that can take all the hard work chopping out the logs for firewood or any other purpose? Well, you have come to the right place. There are a lot of different models of log splitters available in the market today, and you can easily make the wrong decisions if you don’t know what to consider. Looking for the best log splitter can be a daunting task and time consuming. That is why we have prepared this Generac kinetic Electric Log Splitter review to make it easy for you.



The Generac Kinetic Log Splitter is a revolutionary electric wood splitter that splits logs up to 15 times faster than the traditional hydraulic splitters. This kinetic electric log splitter tends to harness the inertia of the two flywheels connected by rack and the pinion system to generate an astonishing one second cycle time. With 10 tons of the splitting kinetic force, this kinetic log splitter easily splits logs up to 16-inches long and 12-inches in diameter. It features inertia driven twin 12.5 pounds flywheels that allow it to become towable hence makes it easy to transport the splitter to any place you want. This Generac Kinetic Log Splitter features a 2HP motor generating 1060 watts, hence it is ideal if you are tired of using the axe to split wood.

It needs you to use both of your hands when operating the device and comes with safety features which keep your hands from coming into contact with an engine or any other part. The case hardened steel delivers an everlasting durability. It also features the automatic ram return hence it totally safe to use.

This log splitter is compact and easy to store. The entire log splitter is less than a foot in width and just over 4 feet long, storing it is easy and it can even fit under a bench. It requires little or no maintenance compared to the complicated array of the hydraulic pumps, cylinders, and valves which can leak or even fail. The kinetic log splitter comes with a two-year limited warranty.



Dimensions: 24.5-inches by 11.9-inches by 49-inches
Weight: 132 pounds
Engine: Powerful 2HP electric motor
Motor voltage: 120-volts
Power output: 1060 watts
Wedge Material: Steel
Wedge Size: 5-inches
Wedge style: two-way
Cycle time: 1 second
Auto return: yes
Max log length: 16-inches
Max log diameter: 12-inches
Towable: no
Consumer warranty: 2 years



The log splitter is enormously fast with one second cycle time.
Needs little or no maintenance since doesn’t need oil or any hydraulic fluid.
It is compact and lightweight hence you can move it on your own.
It can tackle pretty much any kind of wood, may it hard, soft, freshly cut or even seasoned.
Safe for indoor applications.
It splits logs up to 12-inches in diameter without experiencing any problem.



The splitter is too close to the ground.




When it comes to Generac Kinetic Electric Log Splitter, it offers many benefits. One of the benefits is that it comes equipped with fume-free 110 volts electric motor that operates the kinetic splitter. This log splitter is very portable since it is less than a foot in width and just over 4 feet in length. If you are looking for a log splitter for your household log splitting needs, Generac Kinetic Electric Log Splitter is the best option. Another benefit is that it has extremely short cycle time which is a great advantage that you don’t like to miss.

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