Dirty Hand Tools Gas Log Splitter Review

Dirty Hand Tools is well known for designing some of the best outdoor power equipment tools on the market, and Dirty Hand Tools Gas Log Splitter is no exception. With a capacity to split logs up to 25-inches in length, powerful engine and tons of amazing features, it’s all you need to enjoy splitting softwoods and several hardwoods. In this article, we walk you through everything you need to know about Dirty Hand Tools Gas Log Splitter to help you make an informed purchase decision before you can place your order.



Key Features

1. 196cc Kohler SH265 Engine & 22 Ton Log Splitting Force

The robust machine features a 196cc EPA/CARB approved engine and 22 tons of splitting force, which makes it one of the most reliable gas log splitter available on the market. The powerful engine and excellent splitting force makes your work easier, letting you split types of soft wood and a number of hardwoods. In fact, most users claim that it splits virtually anything thrown at it.

2. Supports Both Horizontal and Vertical Splitting

Vertical splitting lets you have full control of hard to handle rounds. Dirty Hand Tools 100171 Gas Log Splitter easily flips to the vertical splitting position with just a pull of a pin, enabling you to split large and heavy logs in no time.

3. 10.9 Second Cycle Time Down and Back

The professional grade log splitter feature 10.9 second cycle time, down and back and an auto return valve that retracts the cylinder with just a simple tap, allowing for hands-free movement as you prepare for the next split or for moving other logs.

4. Built-in Log Cradle

The built-in log cradle holds your logs in place for splitting. The machine also features a conveniently placed log catcher that effectively holds logs and decreases lifting, letting you get through your projects faster as well as with less strain on your body.




• The 2 Stage 13-GPM Pump works great.

• It comes with 4-Inch Diameter Cylinder with 24-Inch Stroke

• Optional accessories include 4-Way wedge, large log table, storage cover and stroke reducer

Technical Specifications

• Manufacturer: Frictionless World

• Model Number: 100171

• Dimensions: 38” x 49” x 89”

• Product Weight: 595 pounds

• Shipping Weight: 620 pounds

• Power Source: Gas powered



• It’s offered at a reasonable and affordable price.

• You can use a garden mower to move it around your property.

• Easy to set up, but you might need a little help, (especially when assembling hydraulic cylinder to frame).

• The engine always starts on the first pull and runs smoothly.

• It comes with an instruction manual or booklet with more information on how to set it up/ use it.




• When dirt, bark and other contaminants load up in the channel near the back, they can be hard to remove.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Do I need a forklift to get the log splitter off the delivery truck?

A. No. The delivery truck features a hand forklift for placing the machine on the lift gate for lowering and moving it off the lift gate.

Q. Does it come with hydraulic fluid?

This depends on the store from where you buy it from. Some will deliver the machine with engine oil and hydraulic fluid while others don’t.

Q. Does the engine return to idle on a complete stroke?

The engine features a manual throttle that always stays where it’s set. A traditional governor maintains its speed. So when the machine is in use, the engine runs where you have set the throttle and will decrease in rpm if it’s under a heavy load, until the governor brings the rpm back up.




Dirty Hand Tools Gas Log Splitter looks sturdy & durable and will serve you for many years. The powerful machine is easy to operate/use, no special skills needed. If you’re concerned with return on your investment, don’t hesitate to place your order on this amazing tool. The well made, heavy duty and affordable log splitter will pay for its self after a few days of operations.

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