Champion Portable Log Splitter Review

If you are looking to buy a dependable, quick, and portable log splitting machine, then the Champion Power Equipment 90720 7-ton compact portable log splitter is all you need. This durable and excellent performing log splitter was engineered and designed in the United States to not only serve North American markets, but also other global markets. This Champion Portable Log Splitter Review will disclose to you everything you need to know about the Champion Power Equipment 90720, 7-ton Compact Portable Log Splitter.


Champion Portable Log Splitter: Features
Efficient Auto-Return Control Valve and a Quick 20-Second Full Cycle Timespan: The Champion Portable Log Splitter features an efficient auto return valve and a quick 20-second full cycle timespan. With these two innovative features, the Champion Portable log splitter is capable of doing up to 180 cycles in a single hour. What’s more? The log splitter can also handle logs of up to 50 pounds in weight and approximately 19.3 inches in length.
Skewed Wedge: The Champion Portable Log Splitter also comes with a skewed wedge to enhance the splitting efficiency.

Integrated Log Cradle: The Champion Compact Portable Log splitter also comes equipped with an integrated log cradle and a low profile design in order to allow for effortless loading of heavier logs.


Hydraulic Oil System: This log splitter comes with a hydraulic oil system which has a 1.3-gallon oil capacity. The system operates at 2 GPM and about 3900 PSI.

Compact Design: This log splitter comes with never-flat tires and a convenient handle. The high-end features not only make it easy to store the splitter but also to move it almost anywhere.

Single-Cylinder OHV Engine: The Champion Portable Log splitter is powered by a dependable 80cc one-cylinder OHV engine with a fuel tank capacity of about 0.4 gallons and an oil capacity of 0.4 qt. It also comes with an automatic low-oil shut-off sensor to notify you whenever the oil level drops below the standard limit.




Dimensions: 44.7*14*19.5 inches.

-Engine Size and Type: 80cc single-cylinder OHV Engine.

-Number of Cycles per Hour: 180

Product Weight: 143.3 pounds.

-Maximum Log Weight and Size: 50 pounds and 19.3 inches respectively.

-Shipping Weight: 172.5 pounds.

-The capacity of the Hydraulic Oil System: 1.3 Gallons.

-Wheel Type and Size: Never-flat tires and 10 inches respectively.

-Operating Position: Horizontal.

-Warranty: 2 years limited warranty for labor and parts.

-Emissions: 50 States Compliant.



-Durable- Designed to provide power even in tough working conditions.

-It can be stored anywhere thanks to its compact size.

-Portable (can be transported easily thanks to the never-flat types and the foldaway handle).

-It comes with an easy to understand user manual.

-Excellent customer support team that is ready to respond to all your queries with empathy and professionalism.


-Requires plenty of hydraulic oil.

-Smaller than it appears but gets the job done perfectly anyway.

-Even though the assembly is easy, it takes some time.


Final Purport

For many years, Champion has been providing durable and reliable power equipment for work, for home, for recreation, and much more. The 7-ton Champion Portable Log Splitter is not only dependable and durable but also comes with a 2-year limited warranty for both parts and labor. What’s more? Since Champion only demands excellence from their dedicated service network and technicians, you are guaranteed to receive top-notch customer service whenever and wherever you need it.

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